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Printable Candy Holder Pencil "Back To School"


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Printable candy holders pencil "Back To School" download.

Going "Back To School" can be fun!  In our family I always had a back to school party/dinner with my kids complete with sack lunches. I covered the table with white sheet paper and gave everyone either markers or crayons.  I put different sandwiches, fruits and snacks in everyone's lunch so that they could barter and trade, just like at school.  I did these dinners even with my older children who were in college.  This "Back To School" themed dinner is a lot of fun with adults and older kids and we have some really fun memories.  Once you start traditions like this, your kids will not soon forget it and believe me they will remind you every year to have a "Back To School" dinner.  I even had a dry erase board (you could also use a chalk board) with an assignment written on it at the head of the table.  I made the assignments easy.  For example, have members of your family write mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, sibling  a special note etc.  You get the idea. If you do this kind of assignment be sure to have writing pencils and paper at the table.  Nobody leaves the table until their assignment is completed and handed in.  These pencil candy pockets are a fun treat to either put at everyone's place at your "Back To School" dinner, or put them in kids lunches or on their beds the first day of school, have your kids give these fun treats to their school teacher the first day of school or if you are having a writing party.  There is an option of a blank pencil  that you can customize to fit your needs.  This candy holder pen "Back To School" packet includes printable pencil, instructions on how to make the candy pockets and pictures.  Download, print and "Back To School".


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