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Printable Game Idea "Who Ate Jonah"

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Printable game idea "Who Ate Jonah?" download.

This "Who Ate Jonah" game is part of our series of religious game ideas that can be used for family time, Sunday School lessons, or just for fun.  We have found that this game is a favorite of all ages and can at times get a little competive.  Candy is put on each square of the printable game board.  A player goes out of the room and one whale is chosen by the group.  The game is played by eating the candy until the selected whale is picked and everyone yells out "Who Ate Jonah?"  When that happens that person's turn is over and the next person  takes a turn.  The object is to try to get all the candy without picking the selected whale. This printable game idea "Who Ate Jonah?"packet includes complete instructions on how to play the game, printable game board and pictures.  Download, print and "Who Ate Jonah"?

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