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Downloadable Treasure Hunt Adventure "Super Grandma"


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Downloadable Treasure Hunt Adventure "Super Grandma"

My kids surprised me with this treasure hunt game for my birthday.  Not only did they attach small gifts to each clue, but they also attached funny pictures of me to each clue.  Example: The first clue talks about grandma being able to sleep anywhere.  My children  had a picture of me snoozing  in the car. They also had pictures of me with the grandkids. This treasure hunt was a lot of fun and even brought a tear to my eye and lots of memories.  The pictures they found were hilarious and the words to the poems were very true.  When you go visit grandma you might just have to have someone distract her long enough for you to hide the clues in her house.  If you notice, the clues hiding places  are pretty close to each.  This was done on purpose.  We didn't want grandma to have to work too hard on her special day. However, you can make the clues as hard or as easy to find depending on your grandma.  This downloadable treasure hunt adventure "Super Grandma" packet includes ten printable clues, and instructions on how to play the game.  Download, print and let grandma loose.  


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