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Halloween Food Ideas "Witch's Wart Bread"

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Witch's Wart Bread

You can use frozen roll dough and let it thaw at room temp until they raise or you can make home-made dough for the scones. These scones make perfect wart bread and they are so yummy.  I can never seem to make enough of these scones even though this recipe makes a lot of scones.  Make as many scones as your family and guests can eat and if you have left over dough make a loaf of bread.

Home-made Dough:

In bread mixer put ½ cup warm water,  add 3 tbsp. yeast and sprinkle 1 tbsp. sugar over  the yeast.  Add the following to the bowl:

1 cup instant potato flakes   

1 cup instant milk

1 tbsp.  salt 

1/2  cup oil

1/2  cup honey 

1 egg

2 3/4 cup water


Turn on bread mixer and and mix ingredients together.  Slowly add flour (6-8 cups) until the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl.  Do not add too much flour or your dough will be too stiff.  Put your dough in a greased bowl and cover with a towel and put in a warm place.  Let rest for 20 minutes.  This will make a lot of scones.  You may want to make a loaf of bread with half of it.     Take a small portion of the bread dough and roll it out in a rectangle.  Cut into squares.  I like to then take each square and roll it really thin.  Heat 1 quart of oil  to 400 degrees. I like to use an electric skillet, but you can also use a wok or other deep frying pan. Cook scones about 3 at a time.  If the oil is hot enough the dough will pop up pretty quickly and start forming those witch’s warts.  If not hot enough the dough will sit on the bottom of the pan for awhile.  When brown on one side turn over and brown on the other side.  Serve these hot with butter, honey, jam or sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Your guests are going to love you.



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