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Halloween Mystery Dinner Party Idea



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Haunted Halloween mystery dinner party ideas download.

This is a fun party idea for a Halloween dinner party.   Recently I did this party with my adult children and it was a blast. Of course it always helps if your guests have a great sense of humor. Through three courses, guests eat a jumbled up meal after ordering from a coded menu. There are 12 menu items (including fork, knife, spoon and napkin) on the menu and your guests will need to choose four of these items for each course.  Each item has a Halloween name so your guests will not know what they are choosing.  Your guests may choose the knife, ice cream, chips and napkin for their first course.  You can see that this activity will take on a life of it’s own and it can be a lot of fun and hilarious.  End the night by playing the game "Werewolves".  This haunted Halloween mystery dinner party packet includes instructions, printable invitations and envelopes to get your party started, printable game "Werewovles and Zombies", printable menus for your guests to fill out and recipes.  Download, print and Surprise!


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