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Family Reunion Game Ideas "Do You Know Your Family?"

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Family Reunion Game Ideas "Do You Know Your Family" download.

The object of this activity is to get to know each other and  to get the family members to socialize.  You could however, also play this game with friends.  Some of the questions are subjective to opinion so you can’t  give prizes for the answers, but you could have a prize for the person who answers all the questions first. This activity is for fun and if your family doesn’t answer all the questions or gets stuck on one question that’s okay.  The point is to have fun and to get to know each other.  At the end of the day you could all gather and have family members yell out the answers and have a fun debate.  Or you could have a scribe that gathers all the papers and e-mails the different answers to everyone. You could make this a family tradition and see how the answers change over the years.  Be creative with this family reunion game idea and use it to fit the needs of your family reunion.  We have included seventeen question sheets with twelve questions on each page.  You can use all seventeen and print off as many as you need (doesn't matter if there are duplicates) or you could just print of the same page for everyone.  That way everyone has the same questions.  This family reunion game ideas "Do You know your family?" download includes printable question sheets, instructions on how to play the game and pictures.  Download, print and go crazy with this entertaining get to know you game.


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