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Birthday Activity "Happy Birthday Best Friend" (Kit)


birthday activities, best friend gift ideas, best friend book


birthday activities, best friend gift ideas, best friend book

Happy Birthday Best Friend

Birthday Activity

This funny book tells the story of best friends and the funny, quirky, indescribable relationship that they have. It comes with a list of corresponding gifts to get for your best friend, so as she reads the book, she opens ten related presents! You can spend as much or as little on these gifts as you want (for example, you could wrap a corresponding picture of you and your bestie for each gift idea and spend almost nothing....or really jazz it up and go all out by buying a nice gift for each gift idea if you have a bigger budget to spend). 

We'll be honest ladies. This gift is impossible to describe because it is so completely unique and there's nothing out there like it...but we can guarantee that it is different from anything you have ever given your bestie and it will have you feeling closer than ever as you laugh your way down memory lane...and set the stage for many future memories to come.

Package includes book, thorough instructions, corresponding gift ideas, and print out tags and quotes for each gift.

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  • Model: 510-11-675

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