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Homemade Party Favors Candy Holders "Under the Sea"


Homemade Party Favors

Candy holders "Under the Sea"

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Homemade party favors candy holders "Under The Sea" downloads.

This homemade party favor candy holder is a perfect mermaid themed covering to place your favorite candy bars or baggy candies in and display on your goody table. These candy holders have two flaps in the front that meet in the middle.  Holes are punched on each side of the flaps and a round printable is tied to the holder with ribbon that is strung through the two holes. There is a flap on the bottom of the holder that is tucked inside the holder so that your candy does not fall out.  This homemade party favor download includes instructions on how to make the candy holder, pictures, and printable "Under the Sea" candy holder.  Download, print and print on the chocolate.


  • Model: 411-11-157

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