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About Us

HELLO! Thanks so much for visiting us. Parties and Patterns is, quite literally, the brain "child" of Elaine Erickson. Whether you think her baby is ugly or the cutest kid you have ever seen, we would love to hear from you!

In her own words: "I am a stay-at-home mom with eight children, 6 bio and 2 adopted. I am what my children call a "holiday fanatic!" I love to build traditions and fun memories around each and every holiday and special occasion, ranging from Christmas to the first day of school. But it doesn't stop there. We love to host regular dinners in our home, which include themes such as sports, apples, historical events or a fun topic from pop culture(think TV shows and movies.) There is never a shortage of fun and laughter as everyone brings their creative talents to the table. 

I am sharing some of these traditions and fun ideas with you so that you can create great memories for your children, grandchildren, extended families and even your neighbors. We love to invite other families, kid's friends and kid's friends' friends over to share these gatherings with us. Our children know they are welcome to expand the guest list for most any event. More often then you think, we have to compare notes after the gathering to see if we actually know who all was there and who invited them... It was no mistake that we named our cabin "The Gathering Place." Now that we are into the next generation, it is such fun to see our children gathering their children, friends and extended families in similar fashion, with or without us. The individual blogs and scrap books keep expanding with pictures and memories of fun times together..." 

WARNING: Once you start down this path, there is no skipping an established tradition without a child or grandchild noticing and complaining. You will be reminded months in advance of a forthcoming tradition. DISCLAIMER: I am not a master quilter, clever scrap-Booker or professional chef. I am a mom who loves to build memories and fun times. I do a little bit of everything and I have used a little bit of everything in creating these memories. Likewise, this site is a collection of a little bit of everything. I am continually trying to think of fun things for my family to do and now to share with you. 

As you browse and use this site, I hope our ideas and simple resources breed great traditions that fill your home with laughter and the warm blanket of close family bonds. Please use these ideas to the fullest. Hopefully along the way, as you add your own creativity and love, you will create for your family the memories and good times that our family has enjoyed. Your support in bringing our joy to the web is greatly appreciated!"

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